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I have been so behind in reading.  And in everything else to be honest.  I have been so tired.  But now that my asthma and weird food allergies are back to being control, I have a lot more energy.  It seems that I am not only feeling better, but I a lot more organized and able to plan things again.  I was a LOT unorganized.  Mainly from the lack of oxygen to my brain.  Lucky for me - I am all good in time for Christmas and may even get some projects done. 
This is the last book in my Goodreads Challenge.  I made it to 30 books in 2012.

This week month I read:
The Florabama Ladies' Auxiliary and Sewing Circle by Lois Battle

Here is the description from Goodreads:
A New York Times bestseller A Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Club Selection Welcome to Florabama, Alabama—a place where you can stop to sip a co'cola or iced tea and think about money and love. If you had'em, you were free to think about other things. If you didn't you couldn't think about anything else.
"We've been screwed blue and tattooed," quips Hilly Pruitt, upon hearing the news of the closing of Cherished Lady, the local lingerie factory where she's worked a lifetime. The same day the plant closes, Bonnie Duke Cullman, former-deb turned Atlanta-society-wife, has herself been downsized—right out of her marriage and picture-perfect life. In an unlikely alliance, Bonnie, Hilly, and the rest of the ex-bra seamstresses join forces in the "Displaced Homemakers Program" at a podunk community college. Together they endure a midlife survival course where the events of a single year forever alter the way they see the world and their places in it.
My thoughts: 
I must admit that the only reason I bought this book is 1) it was in the buy to get one free at BAM 2) it was set in Alabama.
Lois Battle did a great job of getting dialect just right.  It was great.  By reading you can really hear the characters talking to you.  And she used a lot of great Southern sayings also.  Like, "She is a few sandwiches short of a picnic".
It took me awhile to read this book.  Partly because I was not feeling well and partly because I just never got completely taken in by the book.  But - I never wanted it to end up in the "half read and abandoned" stack either. 
I loved the character of Hilly Pruitt.  She reminded me a lot of a wonderful woman that I worked with years ago and I continued to picture her that way.  For that reason, I always wanted to know how it ended. 
It was enjoyable, short, and an easy read.  If you love the South, I think that you will really enjoy it.  You end up pulling for these ladies has they are forced to change things about themselves that they never envisioned.  It is truly a book based on the friendships and love of women.

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