What Fall Looks Like Here | Day 2 of Fall Back Into Blogging

Fall here does look like fall.  We live on the east coast of Florida and seasons don't necessarily look like they change. We don't have the lovely changing leaves with all the red, orange, and yellow.  Instead, we have flowers blooming, pools that are still in use, and temps in the high 80's and low to mid 90's.
Fall here is based entirely on the calendar and the decorations that people put out. Otherwise we would never know the difference.  The temperature doesn't start to change that much until on into October.  We do have fall festivals and activities but I have to say that it feels a little weird going to them in shorts and flip flops. 
So here are a few photos of the flowers outside my window at work.  Lots of buds ready to open and even butterflies and friendly little lizards.

Today is Day 2 of the SITS Girls Fall Back Into Blogging Week.  What does fall look like where you are?

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