Favorite Falls Recipes & Crafts | Day 4 of Falling Back Into Blogging

Our favorite fall recipe has got to be Sante Fe Soup.  It is just about the easiest thing ever to make.  I mean, it does great in the crock pot and feeds a lot of people.  It would be great for tailgating too.
And Cranberry and Apple Pork Chops have to be a close second.  They are just wonderful!

As far as favorite crafts for fall - I love apple stamping for kids.  You can make all kinds of things with apple stamping.  I am hoping that Taft and I will do those in the coming weeks and make an apple pie together.  You can't get much more fall than that.
I also have a few things on my list to get finished this season.  All of which are on Pinterest of course.  Here a few of my favorites:
I have used the same fall wreaths for a few years now.  Very simple ones with leaves.  I really like the look of this one and I am thinking about making two for the front door.

I also need to come up with a great way to display photos of Taft's past Halloween costumes.  I really love this frame and I think that it would be perfect for at least one of the photos.
And these coffee filter pumpkins are wonderful!  I would love to make a few different colors.
What are you cooking and making this fall?


  1. YUM! I love the soup picture. I have never made a soup before, but I think they are perfect for fall. I did make some yummy pork shops last night though!

    1. I love to make soup because they are usually pretty easy. But some fried pork chops are always great!


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