Blue Moon Hike | Gable Rogers State Park

On Friday night, Taft and I went to Gamble Rogers State Park to watch the watch the blue moon rise.  Ranger Tony was giving the program and a lot of people, of all ages, showed up.
The first part of the program was to learn a little about the moon and the blue moon.  We also talked about Neil Armstrong's passing and how his family requested that people look at the moon and give him a little wink.
Once we got on the beach, it took awhile for the moon to start to rise over the clouds.  So we found a few other things to talk about and look at.

 And then the moon came up.  It was very fast so Taft didn't mind sitting there and looking at it. And even let me take a few photos of him with the feathers that he found.

 And as it was getting dark, the ghost crabs started to come out to look around.  Taft was really not a fan of them at all.
 And of course, Taft loved hanging out with Ranger Tony who was nice enough to take a little extra time to talk and walk with him.
 And it was pretty dark by the time we left to come home and the moon was big enough and high enough that could see it all the way home.

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  1. Looks beautiful + he seems to be pretty happy. I love the beach in the afternoon!


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