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This week (and for a few weeks) I read:
Here is the description from Goodreads:
In this stunning first novel, Mary Sutter is a brilliant, head­strong midwife from Albany, New York, who dreams of becoming a surgeon. Determined to overcome the prejudices against women in medicine-and eager to run away from her recent heartbreak- Mary leaves home and travels to Washington, D.C. to help tend the legions of Civil War wounded. Under the guidance of William Stipp and James Blevens-two surgeons who fall unwittingly in love with Mary's courage, will, and stubbornness in the face of suffering-and resisting her mother's pleas to return home to help with the birth of her twin sister's baby, Mary pursues her medical career in the desperately overwhelmed hospitals of the capital.
Like Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain and Robert Hicks's The Widow of the South, My Name Is Mary Sutter powerfully evokes the atmosphere of the period. Rich with historical detail (including marvelous depictions of Lincoln, Dorothea Dix, General McClellan, and John Hay among others), and full of the tragedies and challenges of wartime, My Name Is Mary Sutter is an exceptional novel. And in Mary herself, Robin Oliveira has created a truly unforgettable heroine whose unwavering determination and vulnerability will resonate with readers everywhere.

My thoughts:
It has taken me forever to read this book.  It isn't that it's not good, it's just that my head has not been in the reading mood lately.  I have to make myself sit down and do it.
The character of Mary Sutter is great.  I love her.  She reminds me of a smarter Scarlet O'Hara.  Scarlet knew how to flirt her way through life, Mary wants to be educated and make her way through life.  The history of the book is correct as well as I can tell.  I love the way Lincoln is portrayed.
I feel sorry for Mary a lot, and without giving anything away, I just want her to find love and be happy.  To get into medical school (even though it is only for men), and show the world who she really is.

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