Weekend Review

This are starting to get a little more normal this week.  Taft was back in school for an entire week and the report from his teachers was that he was great.  I was worried with being out of school  for almost an entire three weeks.  I just knew that he was going to go back and drive them crazy.
I have been behind on everything.  Blogging, link ups, emails, comments, and all housework in general.  I am finally starting to dig myself out.  So if you have contacted me and not heard a response, I promise that I am getting to you.  With Taft being sick and travel and me not taking my medicine the way that I should, I sometimes feel like me head is spinning and nothing is ever going to get done.
On Saturday, we went to a sweet little friends birthday party.  She was turning two!  Isn't she the cutest little thing?
The boys also enjoyed riding in the wagon.  Taft even tried pulling people.  He did pretty well in fact.

And to follow in the tradition started last year, Joyce gave Taft a thank you kiss for his gift.  He got a little blushy this year.

Then on Sunday, we finally got around to painting Taft's dinosaurs.  He got them as a birthday gift in June.  With all the craziness this last month, it was the first time we were home and well.

Now off to the rest of the week.


  1. Ok. That little girl is adorable!! Love the wagon pictures, too!

    What is Taft wearing to paint? A surgeon's cover?

    1. looks like a surgeon's cover doesn't it? It is a kid's art smock from Michael's. I liked it because the sleeves are long and it covers more than the cute Crayola ones. It was cheaper too. ;0
      Joyce is adorable. I just love that curly hair. The wagon belonged to her daddt when he was little. A great vintage, keepsake piece.

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