Some Kids Get a T-shirt, Taft Got a Hospital Bracelet

That was how our vacation ended up.
Friday, while still on vacation to Alabama to see family, Taft woke up with diarrhea and vomiting and fever.  He would not drink anything for me and got sicker fast.  On Saturday, I thought that he was feeling better.  He even asked for something to eat.  He ate and drank and said that he was tired but felt better.  A few hours later, he was back to vomiting and not drinking.
That afternoon, I left my parents to go back to my mother-in-law's house since our plan was to drive to Florida on Sunday.  Taft refused to drink on the hour and a half drive and looked terrible by the time I got there.  He even said that he was too weak to stand.  His fever was back also, so Shane and I decided to take him the Emergency Room in Opelika, Alabama.  
When we got to see the doctor, he said that they would give him something for nausea, watch him, and send him home.  I explained that we were from out of town and that he was refusing to drink.  There was no way we would be able to travel with him like that.  So the doctor let us make the decision to give him IV fluids.  
As much as I did not want him to go through the process, I knew that the fluids would make a world of difference.
The first attempt at an IV was bad.  His vein blew and we needed to try the other arm.  He kept saying that he "didn't feel like it" and that "he couldn't make it".  I felt so bad for him, but once the IV was going and the Zofran got in his system, he feel asleep.  After an hour, we were able to go home and he was like a different child.  
On Sunday, we thought that we might be able to travel but he was still too weak, and then the diarrhea started.  We called out doctor in Florida and he told me how much Imodium to give him.  He cried and was in a lot of pain with his bottom during the morning.  Finally, he and I got in bed and slept for hours.  It made a huge difference.
Yesterday, he woke up and asked for breakfast so I got it for him.  He ate and played and took a bath and was so much better.  We decided to leave and head home.  He was still having diarrhea but took his medicine and did very well for the trip.
We are now at home, resting for today, and then back to work and Preschool tomorrow.  The blog posts that I had planned for the week may or may not happen, but the rest of our trip will get on here as soon as we have free time and no sickness.


  1. aw no, glad he is feeling better!

  2. How awful that you had to deal with this on vacation, but hopefully he's feeling better. And while it's no fun now, at least someday it'll make a good story. I still remember in 1st grade being on vacation in Las Vegas and my parents discovering that I had chicken pox. Not a fun vacation, but now at least it's a funny memory.


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