Sickness Again & New Blog Name

I have been doing a little less posting this week than normal.  Taft is sick again.  His immune system got so down with his stomach virus that he caught another little bug.  It seems that he has a lung infection on the right side.  We spent yesterday morning at the doctor's office and hospital after a Monday afternoon temperature of 104.
He is now on antibiotics, cough medicine, and of course Ibuprofen.  His enjoyed the chest x-ray and thought that it was fun.  Especially since I told him that we will go by later this week and pick him up a copy to keep.  He also was tested for RSV, flu, all bordetella pertussis, and a few other respiratory bugs.  All were negative.
Now we give it a few days and try to get better.
Hopefully we will all stay well for at least a few weeks in the future and blog post will back to normal.

Did you notice that the blog now has a name?  I think that it was about time.  I love sweet tea and Taft loves lollipops.  We even keep a jar of them on the counter for him.  It just seemed like a good choice.  I am still playing with colors and what I want, but it will be finished soon.  At least until I change my mind again.


  1. Aw no, I hope he recovers quickly. Love the new name, very cute header!

  2. Great name I am sorry that your son is sick again. You may want to look into natural remedies with all of the trips you are taking to the doctor. I know its not all that fun. I pray he is better soon.

  3. I do like the new blog name. :o)

    Hope sweet Tafty is feeling better soon.

  4. I read this post 2 times. It is very useful.
    Pls try to keep posting.


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