Happy Pre-Birthday Taft!!

Taft's birthday is tomorrow.  Shane and I both took the day off today to get things ready for his big party on Sunday.  We had shopping to do and lots of prep work on the house and the food.  So far, so good.
We also are very lucky to have family here to visit.  Shane's mom, brother, SIL, and children (Izzy and Evan), got here last night.  Taft is completely loving them being here, so it was hard to get him to go to school this morning.  I had to remind him that we were coming to get him early and do his school party.  He was fine with that.
Taft decided on his theme himself.  We looked at a few different things and he went with SpongeBob.  I myself am not a huge fan of SpongeBob, but I love to see my sweet boy happy.  He also wanted cheese puffs and yellow icing on the cupcakes.  Done.  I did add apples slices to have some healthy choice on the little ones plates.
Here are just a few pictures from his school party.  He has a great looking group of friends and they are invited here on Sunday.  I hope that they all get to come.


  1. Hope you have great party on Sunday! Awesome pictures... kids and Sponge Bob... always a smile. New follower. Love it you could link up with Weekend Blog Walk also... http://www.athometake2.blogspot.com.

  2. These are cute pics. :))

    I am your newest GFC follower. Look forward to reading more from you as time goes. Hope you can visit me sometime too.




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