Birthday Weekend Fun

This is just a little peak at our weekend.  It was Taft's birthday on Saturday and his party was on Sunday.  My MIL, BIL and his wife, and Taft's cousins Izzy and Evan, got to our house on Thursday night.  We loved having them all there.  Gran is still with us until Wednesday so Taft is getting a little more time with her today.
We had two birthday parties, did a lot of cooking, and are pretty much dead tired.  Hopefully I will get the Dinosaur Party pictures up later this week.  There are so many to go through and pick from.
Trevor enjoying a nice glass of water from his SpongeBob cup.
Evan became good friends with Gilbert while enjoying
My new Hispanic spices for my Puerto Rican Style Pork Shoulder.
Taft loved "making Izzy pretty" with pretend make-up.
He even brushed her eyebrows.  And then he broke the eyebrow brush. It was Chelsea's, and she was very nice to tell him that it was okay because she has others.
Taft also enjoyed Izzy "making him pretty".
Taft went into Chelsea's things and found her sparkly shoes.  He said that they are magic.
He could not get enough of helping and watching Izzy get ready.
Evan helped me blow up 12 dino rings and 6 dino beach balls to decorate the pool.
Taft got some small gifts on Saturday since it was his "real" birthday.  He loved his pink pig for bath time.
He was also happy to get "gas for his lawnmower"  aka bubbles.
His bag was full of bubble bath and shampoo and body wash.  He loves soap and had to smell everyone.
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