Wanna Have Some Fun?

I know that most of us bloggers participate in weekly link ups.  They are a great way to met new people and find new blogs to follow.  There are a few that I do weekly and others that I hope to do in the future.  I do Pinterest/What I'm Loving Wednesday and Book Club Friday each week.  But - there are times that people have other fun things going on during the month or year.  One time link ups or contests that can be really fun to get in on.

  • Natalie at Fake Rain and Kailyn at We Are Young are hosting a Coffee Mug Swap. In simply terms, you fill out the form on their sites and they pair you with someone else.  You buy that person and coffee mug and they buy you one.  Mail those babies out and everyone gets a nice new coffee mug to blog about later.  Sweet, right?  Plus - you get a new friend.  Seriously check it out.

Do you love these kinds of links up?  Do you know of others or are you hosting a link that you think I would love to be a part of?  Please - let me know.  ;0


  1. I need to check out the coffee mug swap!

  2. These swaps sound like fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I signed up for a couple of reading challenges for 2012 - things like an A-Z challenge - and they have link-ups every month :)

  4. Oh how fun!!! I can't wait to check all of these out and get reading! Thanks so much for sharing!


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