Guest Post: Spring Photography Tips for Beginners

Today I have a great guest post of photography tips for this spring.  The post is by Harriette Lewis.

Spring is still going and there’s never been a better time for you to grab your camera and step outside. The bright hues and luminous light of spring naturally lend themselves to striking shots and colorful compositions. Especially in northern climes, the early morning and evening create “magic hours” when the buttery light gleams with amazing clarity and warmth. Even amateurs can capture beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some spring photography tips for beginners:


There’s no better symbol of the renewal of spring than brilliant flowers bursting into bloom. To shoot successful floral photographs, narrow the focus. Get close and concentrate on framing one blossom or bud. Experiment with different angles to get the look you want. Try taking a few shots of backlit flowers. Sunlight behind the petals will make them appear translucent and reveal shades of previously unseen color. Don’t forget the greens! A close-up photograph of a group of bright iris or daffodil stems, especially when dotted with dewdrops, can capture the magic of spring as well as the blooms.

Rainy Day Reflections

Soft spring rains paint the world with a brightening brush, intensifying the already gem-like hues of the season. Set out immediately after a shower to catch the aftermath of a springtime storm. Suitable subjects for spring photos include water rushing over stones, rippling puddles and ponds or flowers dripping with drops. If you’re lucky, you may even catch a rainbow. Equip the kids with colorful boots, coats and umbrellas and snap away as they stomp and splash. Look for interesting reflections or create them yourself. Position a child’s rubber duck near a reflecting puddle to capture a whimsical springtime scene.

Spring Portraits

Skip the fuzzy backdrops of studio portraits and take advantage of the beauty of nature to capture one-of-a-kind springtime family portraits. Green grassy hills and fields of flowers make excellent frames for the faces you adore. Dress in bright colors, pack a picnic and head out to the country or a neighboring farm. Shower little ones with a basket of blossoms, shoot close-ups of muddy hands and feet or capture their delight in a cluster of new chicks or ducklings. Enlist a passer-by to snap a family portrait. The memories you make will be preserved forever in the pictures you take.

Treasure Your Memories

Instead of hiding your shots on your hard drive, put them to beautiful use. Create custom photo books to serve as lasting mementoes of family outings or special events. Use photo-printed greeting cards to welcome the season or to invite friends and family to a springtime brunch. Add seasonal shots to a personalized calendar. Choose a rainy scene for April and bright flowers for May.

Harriette Lewis is a mom of 3 children and passionate photographer. She is currently blogging for Elephoto, a Canada based company that allows people to create custom Photobooks, cards, calendars and poster prints. Creating personalized photo products is the best way to keep your photos organized and cherish them for years to come.


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