Full Moon Beach Hike

Last night, Taft and I were lucky enough to go on a full moon beach hike at the Gamble Rogers State Park.  They have them for every full moon but we just found out about them in the last month.
A little backstory - Taft and I went to the library for a crab program for kids.  The park ranger from Gamble Rogers came and she brought crabs that she caught with her.  Taft loved Ranger Lauren.  Before we left he told her thank you for coming and she told him that he should come to her park sometime.  Taft took that as a personal invitation for him.
So - we drove out to the park and pulled in the parking lot.  He saw Ranger Lauren right away.  She was talking to all the people that were there to go on the hike.  We were the youngest and Taft was the only child.  He went running to Ranger Lauren to give her a hug.  And she was so sweet to him for the entire night.
Once the hike started, Taft had a little trouble walking on the dry sand wearing sneakers.  He was very worried about keeping up with the Rangers.  Our first stop was the first sea turtle nest of the year.  We talked about what to do if we see a turtle or turtle tracks and also who to call so that the nest can be marked and taken care of.
As we started to leave the nest and walk back down the beach, he wanted to be with Ranger Lauren.  He started yelling, "Park Ranger, wait on me!!".  Of course the older people laughed and Ranger Tony told me that I had lost my child for the night.  Ranger Lauren asked him to find five shells.  He started to look while they kept walking.  He was in such a hurry because he didn't want her to leave him.
Here he is with her as she told everyone little facts about the shells.  And of course we brought a few of those home. 

The rest of the night, he walked with Ranger Lauren and held her hand.  He wants to go back and see her soon.  She told us about a kids hike that is coming up so we are going to make plans to attend.
Here are a few photos of some of the things that we saw and learned about.

 And of course the full moon.  Tonight is the official full moon.  Also - it will be the biggest full moon of the year and will appear about 15% bigger than normal.  A super moon as they are called.  The moon rises at about 11:30 tonight, so I am not sure that we will be up to see it.


  1. That looks like fun especially considering how big and beautiful the moon is lately. :)


  2. Isn't lovely the connections our little ones make? It makes me hopeful in this world of doom and gloom.

    1. It really is great when kids make connections. He is much more popular than I am. ;0

  3. LOL. Taft just cracks me up. I love that Ranger Lauren was so sweet to him! :o)

    1. She really was. We have to get her a Thank You in the mail soon.


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