That Smells Yucky

Taft finished dyeing his eggs this afternoon.  I was a little bit of a slacker and didn't boil them until this morning.  I did get the old Dudley's dye.  The kinda that you have to use vinegar in.  I think that they make the brightest colors and since we already had vinegar, it was a great fit.  Except that Taft didn't like the smell.  He did like the fizzy sound that the tabs and the vinegar make.

I just love that he was big enough to help this year.  I think that he felt like they were really his project.  And I could not resist taking a few photos of those sweet little hands at work.

He said that they pink was his favorite, so he made two.  He also could not let the chance go by to smell of the yucky stuff one more time.

And they all turned out almost too pretty to eat.


  1. Love the bright colors! :o) As always, Taft is a cutie pie!


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