Stories About My Mother On Her Birthday

Today is my mother's 60th birthday.  She lives in Alabama so we won't get to see her today.  So - I decided to share some of my favorite stories about her.  She may kill me but she will have to drive a long way to do it. ;0  So if you are in Heflin, Alabama, today and see Elizabeth McCary, tell her Happy Birthday.
  • Here is the wedding dress she made for herself. It was a few inches above the knee.  I believe the correct term would be "mini dress".
  • Her father started calling her Toad as a child, and it stuck.  The best ever was hearing her father-in-law (who had a hearing problem) scream, "Toad!!" across the mall in Gainesville, Florida, to get her attention.  At least it was funny to everyone but her. 
  • A bit of trivia - she can sew, quilt (by hand), hand embroider, and crochet.  
  • I always like to tell the story about my first day at Kindergarten.  I had never been to daycare or preschool and one would think that I might not have an easy transition.  My mother had just started her new job.  (She stayed at home with me and my brother until then) The drop off line at the front of the school was pretty long.  We went around back.  She saw Mrs.Williamson, a teachers aide that was there to help the bus riding kids get to their classes.  She just dropped me off there. It must have gone okay since I am still here. Of course - she walked my brother into Kindergarten the next year.
  • Every time I think about going to a baby shower, or see a can of Lysol on a bathroom counter, I think of one day from my childhood.  My mom had cleaned the bathroom and left the Lysol out on the counter.  This was back when all the hairspray was in aerosol cans.  (Can you see where this going?)  She got her hair all curled and fixed, and sprayed it REALLY good with Lysol to keep it in place.  At least it smelled sanitized.
I am not sure how old she was here, but I remember that doll.  It terrified me.  One eye was stuck by the time I got my hands on it.
  • A bit of trivia - she collects frogs and cats.  
  • And then there was the time that she wanted Christmas lights on the front window.  She decided to do it herself.  We are vertically challenged, so she stood in a chair, on the porch, which is about 4 feet above the concrete below.  She fell off the chair, off the porch, and onto the carport drive.  She felt that her head was bleeding but was afraid to scream.  She thought that our new dog (a large St. Bernard that was a stray and we didn't know very well yet) would smell the blood and come eat her.  He didn't.  She went to the ER.  My sister, Kristi, was very mad.  It was her birthday and she didn't get a cake.
  • A bit of trivia - In 1977, my mother turned 25 on April 2.  On April 12, I was born.  Then the next March 24, my brother was born.  She is listed as 25 on both birth certificates.  
  • She went grocery shopping in the county over.  She had on sandals.  As she walked down the aisle, a can literally just fell off the shelf.  It landed on her big toe.  She ended up in the ER where they had to drill a little hole in it to release the blood and pressure.  Shopping can be dangerous.
Happy Birthday Mother!!


  1. Gosh, that is a lovely post for your mother. Those memories are so worth remembering and cherishing!

    I've come over from Reflexion's blog hop and am your newest follower :)


  2. Oh...My...Word! I remember that doll. It was terrifying.


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