Should You Get a Real Bunny or Duck for Easter?: Guest Post

Are you thinking about what to get the children for Easter?  Considering a live bunny or duck?  Be sure to read this awesome guest post from Alexandra Kelly first.

As a parent you always want to make the holidays special for your children. In the Springtime, you tell them stories about the Easter bunny and how he’s going to hippity-hop around the yard hiding eggs everywhere. It’s kind of ridiculous, to be sure. But your kids love it.

So what if you’re thinking about taking it one step further? Around Easter-time, pet stores around the country see sales of baby bunnies and baby ducks skyrocket. Lots of parents want to take the magic of Easter and make it real. Are you considering getting your kids a real, live bunny or duckling this Easter? If you are, should you do it?
Surprising Your Children
Lots of parents buy bunnies or ducklings as novelty gifts during Easter to delight their children. There’s no doubt that your kids will be thrilled to see a real life Easter bunny or baby duck. But does their excitement and joy really justify purchasing such a pet?
With baby bunnies and ducks, there are two potential outcomes. One is that because these baby animals are so fragile, they can die very easily, which may devastate your child. The second possibility is that they’ll live a very long time, and you’ll have the pet for many years. However, most kids lose interest in pets like these fairly quickly. No matter what, the pet will be your responsibility to care for on a daily basis.
A Lifetime Commitment
When baby bunnies and ducks survive their delicate infancy, they can live for several years. If you can’t commit to the daily care and upkeep of these animals, you should not purchase one. Far too many Easter-time pets end up in shelters because parents made impulsive decisions and purchased them without realizing what they were getting themselves into.
Bunnies and ducklings require care on a daily basis. Bunnies need to be fed, played with, bathed, brushed, and their cages need to be cleaned. Ducklings also need the basic provisions, as well as a place to swim. In addition, ducklings will one day be full-size ducks. Do you really want to have a rabbit or a duck as a pet? You must consider the long-term effects of live animal Easter presents, and whether or not you’re really prepared to take in another member of the household.
Cuddly Bunnies and Adorable Ducklings
One of the reasons parents consider getting baby bunnies or baby ducks for their children is that they’re so darn cute. What kid wouldn’t go, “Awwwwww!” at the sight of one? We want to make our kids happy, but the truth is that bunnies and ducklings aren’t as cute and cuddly as they appear. Bunnies don’t like being picked up off the ground, and have you ever seen someone snuggling with a duck? If you really want to get your child a pet, you might want to consider a more affectionate animal. There’s nothing wrong with breaking away from the theme of Easter and just going with a traditional pet puppy.

Alexandra Kelly is a school teacher and devoted mother with a passion for writing and a love for animals. She regularly uses a grammar checker to ensure her writing is of a high quality and is free from any grammatical mistakes. She cannot wait for her family vacation to the Bahamas!


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