As Simple As A Spray Bottle

A simple spray bottle keeps this boy pretty happy.  And now that Spring is here and his daddy is outside most afternoons working on the yard and getting the pool ready, he gets to use it all the time. 
He uses it to "wash" the patio furniture and windows.  And yes - that child safety fence is always closed unless we are right there with him.
Happy Friday!


  1. Wow yours likes a spray bottle and mine likes a bowl of water lol, what a day of fun they could have together! :D

    Thanks for stopping by huni, Love your blog to x

  2. Hi Kyetra. Your son is so cute! My son loves chasing me around with a spray bottle! I'm a new follower from refexion's blog hop :)

  3. hello! love your blog! i'm following from the blog hop!

  4. It's the little things that make them happy :)I'm impressed with all your good reads! Thanks for following the Kozi Kitchen and leaving a comment!


  5. Thanks for following,following back :)
    wow your pool looks great wish we had one ....


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