{Taft's Everyday}: January Edition

There have been a few new things going on this month.  First off, Taft and I have been to the library a few times for books for him and he has been great every trip.  I guess after the first trip he knew that I meant business.  We even went in on a Saturday to help the library celebrate it's birthday.  They had arts and crafts, cookies and cupcakes to decorate, face painting, music, and the kids made candles with their names on them for the cardboard cake that it now in the Children's Department.  I think that it was a success.

Taft also starting sleeping at night with out Pull Ups.  We have been day time potty trained for a long time but nights are still a problem.  He is doing well with only a few accidents.  He is so proud of himself when he gets up dry.

He is obsessed with a few new movies and tv programs.  At the moment his favorite movie is a Gnomeo and Juliet.  I have to admit that it is pretty cute.  He loves that they race lawnmowers and says that he "wants one like that someday". 

His favorite cartoon is Team Umizoomi.  I know that it teaches math skills and he answers a lot of questions they ask correctly, but I could live without every seeing it again.  I think that the songs are making me crazy.

Taft is also asking a lot of questions about death.  Pawpaw's sweet little Jack Russell, Wishbone, died on January 16.  She was sick and had gone in for surgery.  He heard me talking about it and I tried to answer his questions the best that I could.  He understands that Wishbone is not at Mawmaw and Pawpaw's house anymore.  He said that she is sleeping and I explained that she can't wake up.  We talked about how pets get sick and sometimes die.  (He doesn't remember that since he was born, we have had to put two cats to sleep.)  He is still asking to see pictures of Wishbone.  I left it with the fact that Wishbone is in Heaven with the same angels that made Taft.  I told him that they are playing with her and one day, he will see her again. 
He has grown very close to Sallie aka Gilbert, and she to him.  They sit together every morning and every night.  As soon as Taft sits in the family room in his favorite chair, she is there.  The cat is at least 12 years old so I know that it is going to be very hard on him when she passes away. 

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