Mushroom Madness

The first is finally here.  In fact, it got here WAY to fast.  Today is the first day for a lot of people for a new beginning.  I need a new beginning in many ways.  My house is a disaster.  Literally, a disaster.  It may take all year to get it back in order and where it needs to be to make me happy.  I think that I can do it though.  I started yesterday by moving things around and even doing some touch up painting on areas that have taken a beating by a child and a big dog.  I have many projects in my mind and hopefully will get them finished as soon as possible. 
One thing on my 2012 Goal List was to get a library card.  I got an early start on that on Friday.  I realized that the library would be closed on Monday and we had things to do on Saturday, so Taft and I went to the Flagler County Public Library after I picked him up from school.  He loves the bookstore so I thought that he wold be a fan. 
He was a fan of the Children's Library and played while we picked him out a few books.
When it got time for me to pick a book for myself, he was not as good.  In fact, I was pretty sure that he would get us kicked out of the library all together and that they were going to take back my shiny, new, green library card.  But I got a book.  The Distant Hours by Kate Morton.  So far it is great.
Taft has tons of books and I knew that there has to be a way to keep the library books out of the general population and safe.  (His hands do not need to be on the books without supervision).  I settled on a basket on the counter by the fridge.  I let him know that they are there and to let me know when he wants one.  He was happy with that.

We read the first one today.  Mushroom in the Rain by Mirra Ginsburg and went outside to find some pretty big mushrooms in the yard. 
I did cook the first new recipe of the year today and it was great.  I also got all the ornaments on Taft's tree photographed so I can work on getting those in a book.  At the moment, I am thinking that a 12x12 scrapbook will be perfect to hold photos and descriptions of Taft's ornaments and the family ornaments.  Just divide them up with the Becky Higgins Scrapbook Dividers and since I took all vertical photos, the Pocket Pages in Design D would be perfect. Neither are in stock at the moment.
 Now - on to tomorrow.  I only got Taft's Christmas Tree down so I still have work to do.

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