Quincy is Back!! Happy December 1st!!

It is that time again!  Our crazy little elf, Quincy, is back.  He will be with us until he goes back to work at the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  You can read all about our start and history with Quincy here
Every time that I mention Quincy, Taft says that he hopes Quincy brings him some candy.  I guess Quincy got a little lazy last year and brought candy way to often.  I talked to Quincy in November and candy was not high on his list.  I hope that Taft is not going to be too disappointed.
When we woke up this morning, I reminded him that Quincy would come today and that we must be on the lookout.  I had told Quincy that weekday mornings would not be the best time to come visit because we have a schedule to keep.  I guess that he listened, because he was in the car waiting on Taft when I picked him up from Preschool.

I have yet to figure out how he got in the car with a ladder, but he did.  He heard that Taft is learning Christmas songs for his play at school and brought him a Children's Christmas Song CD.  He was trying to put it in the CD player.  Taft was thrilled and so happy to see him!  Of course, I told Quincy to ride with Taft and I helped him get the CD in.

Taft sang along with Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.  And the first thing he wanted to do when he got home was to take his new CD to his room to sing some more. Miss Phyllis would be proud!

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  1. How cute! What a fun elf you have ;) Thanks for following my blog!


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