{Pinterest Inspired}: Gift Wrapping

I let Taft pick a gift to give the teachers and staff at his school.  So many people there are in his daily routine.  There is an owner, public relations, office staff, cook, music teacher, gymnastic teacher, ...you get the picture.  We found some cute sets of holiday bath gels.  Seven to a set and a great price.  We got two sets and broke them into individual gifts.  Taft is a huge fan of bath products so he loved the idea.  I knew that I wanted to wrap them in brown paper bag style.  I have seen so much of this on Pinterest and just love it, so I let Taft pick out the ribbon that he liked (he said that it looks like Santa's clothes) and it was already 70% off too.  I got the brown lunch bags at Dollar Tree.  They came in a bag of 40.
The gift tags were very simple and quick.  I just altered a photo Taft in Picnik and uploaded them to Wal*Mart.  I did a 4x6 collage print for 9 cents a sheet.  Taft loved seeing his picture on each bag. 
I used a scallop blade on my paper trimmer to cut the very top of the bags off and punched two holes for the ribbon.  Done!  I love the way that they turned out.

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