Elfcapades Day 7

Did you notice that there was not a Day 6?  Taft was told for weeks before Quincy got here that he has to be good at home and school to get his presents.  So for five days we did great.  Yesterday, not so much.
He started out bad at school from what I was told.  Time out before breakfast for not listening.  By the time he got to his room, he would not listen and he threw bean bags at his friends.  His teacher said that he would laugh when she got onto him.
He told me that it was because people would not leave him alone.  That is not really a good answer.  Miss Erin did say that most of the class was not listening.  She told him that she called Quincy.  Quincy came last night for a visit but he brought no gifts.
Tonight, Taft found him in his Christmas Tree just hanging out with his little gift bag.  Quincy brought new "lips" as Taft calls it.  Better known as Lightning McQueen Chapstick.

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