Elfcapades Day 17 & Day Out With Taft

Taft and I needed haircuts so we made an appointment to go in before Christmas.  Since we were in Daytona Beach (and we never go there) I decided to take advantage and make a little day trip out of it.  I told Taft that Quincy wanted us to go this places and have fun.
After haircuts, or first stop was Barnes and Noble.  Taft loved looking at the toys and playing with the legos.  I was thrilled when I found a great Christmas book that I have not seen in years.  I read it at the store when I was pregnant with Taft and I have thought it about ever since.  So Quincy put money in my pocket to buy it.

Here is Taft enjoying the new book.  It came with a CD so he could "read" as I drove us to our next location. Chick- Fil- A.
 Taft eating his nuggets and loving his new cow watch that was in his kids meal.
We saw this lovely cow on the way to the bathroom and had to get a quick photo.  He also played on the playground since he was good and ate his lunch first.
Afterwards, we went to Joann's.  They had a great 60% off sale on Christmas gift sets and we picked up gifts for all the teachers and staff at his school.

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