Brunch With Santa at The Zoo

Taft and I woke up early for Saturday morning and got dressed and ready to leave.  We were off to Sanford, Florida, to the zoo.  We have been to the zoo in Jacksonville before, but never to Sanford.  We were going for a special reason.  Brunch with Santa!  Thanks Gran!
Here is how our day went -
 We ate brunch.  There was an all you can eat buffet with pancakes, sausage, bacon, eggs, fired potatoes, fresh cut fruit, cereal, cereal bars, and muffins.  We also had juice, water, and hot cocoa.
 Santa came to each table to speak to each child.  Taft was so excited that he just started laughing uncontrollably.
 Then he started signing Jingle Bells.  Santa let him finish and told him that even Santa can't put a price on that.
 After breakfast, the kids went outside to make snacks for the animals.  Here, Taft is helping with fruit salad.  It was bananas and cranberries.
 And he got to help make a burrito out of a leaf, pureed veges, and seeds.
 We saw a llama dressed like a reindeer.
 We watched some of the animals eat the snacks that we helped make.
 We got to ride in a "squeaky" car.
 We watched the "big turtles" eat bamboo.
 We hugged..
 and kissed our new friend from Santa.
 We walked in the Butterfly Garden.
 And saw trees full of oranges.

 We played in the playground.
 We took time to be silly.
 We met a turtle.
 And we got to pet him.
 We rode the giraffe on the Merry Go Round.
 And saved the train for last.
 We had a great time.  How can you go wrong with food, Santa, and animals?
Each child got the same gift and they give a different animal each year.  Now I have to find the perfect way to make the little tag that came with it an ornament for Taft's tree.

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