Turkeys for Teachers (&Staff)

Taft and I made turkeys this morning.  Of course I did most of the making, but he helped with picking out the order of colors and which person gets which turkey.

Here is what you need:

Hot glue gun and glue
Pipe cleaners
Pins (to attach to the back)
Wooden spoons
Brown and orange paint
Googly eyes

Start by painting the spoons brown.  They will be the body of the turkey.  Once dry, attach eyes and paint on a beak.
Pick pipe cleaners of ribbon. Decide which colors you want and the order to add them. And have fun.  Make the "feathers" as big as you like and hot glue to the back of the spoon.  Attach the pin and you are done. 

Very simple and great for Taft to help with.  He is excited about giving them out in the morning.

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