Turkey With Toddlers

Today was Thanksgiving at Taft's Preschool.  Each class had a turkey, provided by the school, and the parents were asked to bring in the sides.  We took Homemade Mac and Cheese and Shane took our folding table for the class to use.
Taft was very excited that I was coming back to have lunch with him and so was I.  I love seeing him around his little friends and seeing more about their days at school. 
I feel very bad for his teacher Miss Erin.  She had many parents sign up to bring in food and drinks and come to the lunch and none came.  It was just she and I and the children.  One mother did send in cranberry sauce but there was nothing else.  Of course - the kids didn't care.  They ate their turkey, orange slices, and macaroni.  The school gave us some Capri Sun.  And everyone at the school enjoyed the Thanksgiving cake.  The weather was great, even though it was a little windy.
After we ate, I helped Miss Erin get the kids washed up and down for naps.  After I "tucked in" Taft, the other kids wanted to be tucked and kissed too.  So of course I did just that.  Here are a few shots from the day.

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