Let's Read

Do you get those little Scholastic Book Club order forms from your child's school?  We do.  They are always at the front of the school.  I have looked at them before but never ordered.  I am not even sure why I haven't ordered.  The prices are great.  Each grade level has a $1 book selection and there are about 4 different levels that we can order from.  Starting in October, we can order online and the school gets more points and free books.  Plus - parents and grandparents can order books for the children even if they don't live close by.
Taft's class has themes each week and for two weeks in September they are studying apples, autumn, and trees.  The Biggest Apple Ever was one of the $1 books so we got two.  One for Taft and one for his class.  We did the same with the Five Little Pumpkins.  I told him that we were getting some for his class and for him.  He seemed excited.
When I got to the school yesterday, the book orders where in their cubbies.  I picked up the books and he only had three.  Ms. Erin told me that he was so excited and wanted to give her the books.  He said, "Ms. Erin, these books for you."  She said that the class told him thank you and she had already read them both to the kids.  And Taft and I read Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch in bed last night.
I plan on doing the same this month with the book order.  I think that it teaches Taft how nice it is to share so that his friends can enjoy books that he likes also.  It also helps to built the library for his class for years to come.  He is making his mark on the world.


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