Whatnot Wednesday

Today is another Whatnot Wednesday and I am again linking up to The Wonderful Happens.
  • Taft is obsessed with lawnmowers.  We got him own during the 4th of July weekend.  It is really cute, makes a little noise, and of course blows bubbles.  We have tile floors in most of the common areas in the house.  Tile + Bubbles = Increased falling potential.  You guessed it.  The fallen person would be me.  I started to walk to the table last night with my dinner and fell.  I landed on my knees and palms.  My dinner landed in Shelby Dog's mouth.  I was fine.  Taft came over and checked out my knees making all kinds of pitiful noises.  Then he put my face between his hands and said, "You don't fall done anymore Mommy, OK?".  Then a very nice, "I sorry".  How can you be mad at that?
  • Every August I look forward to the Scrappies Anniversary Crop weekend.  A friend of mine owns a scrapbook store and she has done this for 12 years.  I haven't gone all 12 since I didn't move to Florida until 2004.  Ladies go over, get hotel rooms, scrapbook, talk, snack, and just have a nice weekend for themselves.  The big contest of the weekend is that name tag contest.  You are assigned a number for the weekend and your name tag must have your name and your number.  The past two years I have done something with that number.  When I was number 60, I did a sixties theme, and then last year I was 20, so I did twenty questions.  This year I am going for a Royal Wedding theme and nothing to do with my number.  I just have to figure out what exactly. 
  • I have said this before, but I love Pinterest.  Not only do I find it fun but it is useful.  I have to say that in a way I am still a little mad about it though.  Why didn't I think of this first?  It is perfect for planning birthday parties, showers, weddings, etc.  It is something that I needed.  No more emailing sites to myself and losing them or forgeting that where I found them.  I am in heaven. 
  • When I started my blog, it was to keep family and friends in touch with Taft since we live 500 miles away from home.  It acts almost as a scrapbook and when I do get to scrap all those memories, it is where I look for the dates and details for the journaling.  But lately I am enjoying it for myself too.  If any of you know of any fun link ups, please let me know. 
  • I am really wanting to get back to reading.  I love to read but I have a hard time finding books that I like.  I was in Target last night and I was staring at the books.  Another lady was also looking for something to read.  We both decided that a lot of the books end up depressing and that is just not what we are looking for.  She also stated that the others are either vulgar or written for a 12 year old.  I think that she is right.  We need more Harry Potter. 
So now it is your turn.  Head over to The Wonderful Happens for Whatnot Wednesday and get all those random things off your mind!


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