Say What?

Lately, Taft has been coming up with the strangest things.  Here are just a few...

 *I acted as if I was going to bite him.  He said, "Don't eat little boys.  Eat food Mommy."

*Shane was coughing into his hands.  Taft got very upset and started showing him to cough on your "elbow".  He showed him how a few times.  He said, "NO! Cough in your elbow Daddy.  Not like this (coughing in his hand), like this (coughing in his bent arm).  You got it Daddy?  Ok."

*The cars has had radiator issues.  Taft said, "My car is sick.  My car throwing up again.  It needs to go to the doctor".

*When telling him that he needs to take a bath, he responds, "No, I nummy.  Don't need a bath".

And on a sidenote, one of our favorite things of the moment is a Whoopee Cushion.

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