No-Spark Sparklers

We are having a terrible time with wildfires at the moment and ALL fireworks are banned in town, except for the Flagler Beach show which is over the water.  That doesn't mean that you can't have sparkers!  These are even a great option for children that are afraid of fire or too small to have it.
You Will Need:
Small wooden dowels about 14 inches long
Wired star garland in solid or multiple colors
Clear packing tape
Red or blue cardstock cut to 2 in by 1 1/2 in
Glue or glue dots

For each sparkler that you make, cut wire garland into 10 pieces.  Make 5 each of 6 in long and 8 in long.
Trim off the stars from the bottom of each piece about inch up.  Line the pieces up on the cardstock and tape down.

Then add glue dots to the dowel at the top where the paper will attach.  Attach the edge to the dowel and roll the remaining paper and wire around the dowel.  Secure the end with more glue or glue dots. 
Once secure, arrange the  wire garland to look like a sparkler.  Enjoy!


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