All-American Eagle Shirt

I am a sucker for artwork made from kids hands and feet.  I just love it!  This shirt is made with both so I had to give it a try.  I have seen a few versions, but in the end we made up our own.

You Will Need:
A pre-washed shirt
Fabric paint (White, Brown, Black, and Yellow)
Cardboard, we used an old cereal box
Paint brush or sponge
Styrofoam plates
Wipes or wet paper towels

Start by placing cardboard in the shirt to protect the back from bleeding paint.  We cut a cereal box to fit the shirt. 
Add brown and white paint in a plate.  Sponge the brown paint onto your child's foot and white paint onto the toes.  Place the foot on the shirt with the toes toward the bottom.  This is the body and tail feathers of the eagle.
Next - paint the child's hand and fingers, leaving out the thumb and place on the shirt with the palms touching the "body".  The palm of the hand makes the wings and the fingers are feathers.
Then, have the child make a fist.  Paint the pinkie side of the fist with white paint and place on the shirt to form a neck and head. 

You then need to draw on a beak and add an eye.  All that is left is to let the shirt dry according to the directions on your paint.  Perfect for any Patriotic holiday!


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