So Behind/Easter Bunny Visit

I my gosh!  I have gotten totally behind again.  I need to get on a schedule.  That is just the only thing that I can think of!  So much has been going on lately.  Not sure that mush of it is blog worthy. 
First of all - I am still loving my new "wobby" of working on Macaroni Kid.  Sometimes it is a lot of work but so much fun.  I have already made contact with some great people that are now advertising and also an awesome group of moms that are also Publisher Moms with Macaroni Kid.  It is a great little community and I am thrilled to be a part of it.
I have been watching and keeping up with the tornado destruction in Alabama.  With it being my home state, I seem to be sucked in by every facebook post, news report, and online article.  It is hard to believe what they are going through and harder to even imagine where to start to rebuild.  I know that if any state can do it, they can.  It is just going to be a long process and help will be needed for a long time.  I am so thankful for all the out of state teams that are working 24/7 to get that help to them. 
But - now on to the world of Taft....

The Easter Bunny came to see Taft and brought him lots of great things.  He got a hollow chocolate bunny. I read that people that eat them ears first are tested to be smarter than those that eat tail first.  Taft pulled of the carrot and ate it first.  Not sure what that means.

He got coloring books, bubbles, candy, PEZ that look like his Bunny, and bathing suit with shirt, and a watch.  The watch turned out to be the favored gift.  He has asked for one for a few weeks.  He likes to wear mine and Shane's and says that they hurt him.  They are both chain like and must pinch him a little.  He loves the one that the Easter Bunny brought.  He wears it non-stop.  He even wanted to sleep in it the first few days.  He wears it to school and after the first day they said that it is no longer a class distraction. 
I love that it is soft and stretchy.  It has lizards on the band and also for the second hand.  He loves that it make s ticking sound.

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