Locks For Love

This is not the first time that I have donated hair to Locks of Love.  But - back in the dark ages I wasn't blogging.  I figured that I needed a few photos of the before me.  This is the longest my hair has been since graduation from high school (and it may be a little longer than then).  I am well into the 30's now and just not sure that it will get to this point again.  The plus side of having long hair:  ponytails.  The down side of having long hair:  drying time in the am.  I am lucky that I have pretty good hair.  It is oily so I have no problem with it being healthy.  It also grows abnormally fast.
Here is the before -

And here is the after -

Special thanks to Stacy Wager Day for the wonderful cut. 


  1. Such a cute cut!! I love hearing when people do this!!


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