Happy (Day After) St. Patrick's Day

This year
Last year (same overgrown yard)
I really didn't plan well for St. Patrick's Day.  I totally forgot to look for or make Taft a shirt for school.  Luck for me, Target had this cute green shirt that we picked up.  He can wear it to have on green and then it will be re-worn all season.
We also didn't plan food very well.  I had all intentions of making corned beef and cabbage.  We went the night before to pick up the corned beef and Target was out (at least we got a green shirt). So - we compromised.  We cooked cabbage and carrots and had (gasp) corned beef hash.  I only say gasp due to the fact that I am sure Irishmen from far and wide would disapprove and scorn me badly.  Ha!  I love corned beef hash and so does Taft, so it was just fine for us.  No one complained.
After dinner, Shane needed to cut the extremely overgrown grass.  Taft wanted to go outside too and blow bubbles.  I took advantage of the mounds of clover blooming and took some pics of my adorable little leprechaun. 

He is laughing and excited because Shane is starting to cut grass.

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