What's In Taft's Tummy?

Today at Kelly's Korner she is asking what other parents feed their toddlers and of course, what those toddlers eat.  I am linking up with her today.
Taft's eating changes regular.  Sometimes I think that he is doing great and is surely going to be growing a few inches with all he is putting away.  Taft is small for his age.  He is a little over 2 1/2 (he will be 3 June 2nd) and was in the doctors office last week.  He weighed in at 30 pounds.  With clothes on.  He is just petite.  He is shorter than the other kids, but in my opinion cuter too.  Ha!  We have trouble finding long pants that fit.  2T is the general rule and they always have to be altered in length.
Taft has never been a big milk drinker.  He drinks milk at school with meals and sometimes asks for it at home.  He likes almost any kind of juice and we try to buy Mott's Tots since it seems to have less sugar.  For about a year, he has been drinking PediaSure each day.  One in the morning and one at night before bedtime.  I know that as long as he keeps this up he will have the vitamins and minerals that he needs since they fill in gaps with picky eaters.  I mainly started this in the mornings when he started to Preschool.  They feed them breakfast at 8:30 am.  I wasn't sure that they would have something that he liked and he gets up an hour and a half before he goes to school.  Plenty of time to drink and still eat at school if he wants or the PediaSure will keep him okay until lunch.  I just didn't want him to be hungry.

Breakfast at home is one of the following (on days there is no school):
Cereal - his favorite of the moment is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, with string cheese and fruit
Cheese omelet with fruit
Strawberry cereal bar with string cheese
Cheese toast, fruit, and meat (he likes sliced ham from the deli or skinless polish sausage)
Waffles with syrup and fruit

Lunch/Dinner at home is one of the following:
Beef ravioli (with most of the sauce scraped off) and fruit
Mac-N-Cheese, a meat (one of the above or he loves Vienna Sausage), and fruit
Pizza with fruit
Ham and cheese sandwich with chips and fruit
Hamburger Helper (all kinds), fried okra, with fruit
Hot dog, bun, fries or tater tots (with ketchup)
Fish sticks (with ketchup), mashed potatoes, and fruit
Chicken fingers, fries, and fruit
Chicken and dumplings, fried okra, and fruit

It is pretty much the same thing over and over.  He loves pasta and bread. He loves fruit.  Fresh apple slices, canned peaches, and mandarin oranges are his favorite.  He loves cheese.  String cheese and sliced Kraft American.  Mostly snacks are cheese, fruit, Goldfish crackers.
Lately he has developed a love for cake.  We don't have cake in that house a lot but we try to get him cupcakes often.  He even likes the prepacked snack cakes.
He is not a huge fan of vegetables.  He loves fried okra so we make it at least once a week.  He will still sometimes eat peas and carrots.  He loved them as a baby but rarely eats them now.  He likes mashed potatoes and corn.  He will sometimes eat green beans but only off my plate.  If I put them on his he still takes them from me. 
His school meals are pretty basic.  Almost the same things that he has at home.  We are lucky that they send home a report each day with what the meals were and if he ate or not.  That way he doesn't get chicken fingers twice in a day.
All in all - I think that he is a typical toddler.  He loves a few things and he will eat them over and over. When those fade out there is always a new favorite.  I just really like to hear, "Cheese, please".


  1. Did you read the post from "Old Southern Garden"? Number 13. You'll get a kick out of it.

    I started to comment..."So your very Southern child will never get to experience the wonderfully Southern Chick-fil-A?" ;o)

    Taft and Hallie are a lot alike. She'll try just about anything. That's my "rule"...you have to try it before you say you don't like it. And I mostly do that b/c no one ever made me do that. How I survived on fried chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches, I'll never know! Ha!

    Love you!


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