The Alligator Farm

Today we went to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine with our friend the Meseke family.  Taft will always tell me that CJ is his best friend and he loves getting to see him.  We started with lunch at Sonny's  I am thinking that after four adults and four children ages four and under, the waitress was very happy to see us go.  The boys enjoyed their hot dogs, green beans, mac-n-cheese, and fries.  Taft was very happy to sit beside CJ. 
Our original plan was to go to Blue Springs State Park to see the manatee.  But - when I checked yesterday, there were only four left in the run.  They come to the springs in the winter and then as it gets warmer, they swim back out.  They are usually gone by March.  We just thought about a trip there too late in the season.  We will plan on going next year.
The boys were able to look at all the gators, turtles, tortoises, birds, monkeys, and snakes.  Taft was worried on our way in that the alligators would eat him.  It took a little while to convince him it would be okay.  Taft was also very excited to get a two seat stroller when we made our way in.  That way, he was able to ride with CJ. 
These two are so funny together.  When they first saw each other today, all you heard was, "Taft!!", "CJ!!", even Brandt got in on the action.  It seems that he really likes Taft too and vice versa.  Sweet Sami was just happy hanging out in her stroller taking everything in.
A lot of the pictures that I was able to get are of the boys backs.  It seemed that they were always watching something and would not turn around for pictures.  It's okay.  They have pretty cute backs.

After strolling around for some time, we took the kids to the Kid Zone.  They have a little play area with picnic tables.  Jamie and I got the kids animal crackers and juice for them to have a little snack.  All three loved the turtles!  We even had a few upsetting moments where all three wanted to ride at the same time.

We had a great time and even found a way to make that two seat stroller work for three.  I am pretty sure that this photo will be posted at the entrance to show people what not to do.


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