December 9th - New Crayons

 Poor little Taft was home sick yesterday.  He has had a cough and running nose for awhile.  He has been taking cough and nose meds  Yesterday morning he had a fever of 101.8.  Luckily, Daddy was able to stay at home and rest with him.  His doctor said to treat the fever and if it lasted more than a few days to bring him in.  He hasn't had a fever since.
Quincy waited until last night to bring Taft his gifts for the day.  I asked him if he had seen Quincy during the day and he said no.  We talked about Quincy and all the things that he has brought while we took our bath.  As soon as the jammies were on, we looked for that crazy elf.  There he was on Taft's table with an Elf Coloring Book and new Washable Crayons.  He really loves anything to do with arts and crafts.  Wonder where he gets that from?

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