Our Trip to the Palm Coast Fire Department

 Taft was very excited when we got the fire department.  He even wore his new fire department tshirt to get in the spirit  It took a few minutes to track the guys down to see if they had time to Taft the trucks. 
First we got a little tour of the new building.  I was very impressed by the fact that all the fire fighters have their own rooms for sleeping.  They are small with twin beds, a window, night stand, and closet.  Still - I know that they sleep much better between calls in their rooms.  At lease I would.  I can't sleep with any noise at all and I am sure that you come across snorers.  ;0
They also have a nice common tv room with individual recliners for each person.  It was just really nice.

When we got out to the truck bays, Taft was not so brave anymore.  I think that the trucks look a lot smaller from the street.  He was in shock by the size of the trucks and ladders.  We learned that we have a new ladder truck and brush truck.  Pretty much everything is new since the station is new on this side of town.  There were three very nice men that took us around and let us look in all the trucks, at all the hoses and ladders, and told us what everything is.  We didn't get a lot pictures because I was holding Taft.  I always take our photos and Shane had the camera.  I kept losing him.  Finally, I found out that he was visiting the fire department for the first time too.  I guess that I take it for granted that everyone has seen firetrucks since I saw them all my life.
Taft loved the lights being turned on.  We didn't try the sirens and horns.  A little much for the first time.  And Shane got to find out that the fire fighters get to watch Monday night football if their chores are done and they don't have fires to fight.  Taft did get a hat but wouldn't wear it while he was there.  He said that he liked it and his new word for the day was "fire department".


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