"Cycle, cycle" - Sept 20th

When Taft was about 6 months old, his cousin Evan sent him home with his tricycle. We have had it in the house since them. A few months ago, Taft decided that he really loved it. He would ride it around the kitchen but he wouldn't use the peddles. He would push it with his feet, mostly due to the fact that his little legs where not long enough to reach. Over the weekend, I noticed that his feet were reaching and he was very good at going in reverse. I worked with him to get him going the right direction. By Sunday, he had it down perfect. Then all I heard was "cycle, cycle". I took him outside and he just can't get enough of driving in the street and the drive way. Of course, he stops very fast and gets off if he sees a lizard in the neighbors yard.

He looks so small to me in front of the house. He really is growing up fast.

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