Happy Birthday Taft! - June 2nd

Taft's birthday fell on a Wednesday and school day. I took him to Dollar Tree and let him pick out the plates and napkins that he wanted. Then we got him his favorite sprinkle cookies from Publix and some yummy mixed fruit (watermelon, pineapple, and canteloupe). I didn't get cupcakes because I am sure that 6 to 8 toddlers with brightly colored icing are not what a preschool teacher hopes for.
Taft's normal teacher was not there since her mother had to have surgery. Birthday parties are done at snack time (2:30 pm) and I decided not to go. Mainly because I knew that Taft would want to go home as soon as he saw me and he would not sit for his snack. I left my little camera with his teacher and she was nice enough to get these shots for us. I am glad that she included photos of his classmates from that day.

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