January 2010

I am not sure what happened in January but I didn't get around to posting a thing. We did things but for some reason I really didn't take that many pictures. I think that it is because we stayed at home a lot. In the beginning of the month we were sick and then it got cold. It seems that every night the weather man declared that it was the "coldest night on record for this time of the year". It got a bit old.
So here are a few things that we did do:

Jan 6th - We covered up the hibiscus each night. Of course - it didn't help. Never fear, I know that it is just dead from the ground up. It "died" last winter too. When it warms up we will cut it back and it will be blooming again soon. In fact - it bloomed a week before it got so cold.

Jan 6th - Taft has started to rearrange the furniture. Each morning he takes all the bar stools and lays them down. He moves them and plays with them. By the end of the day he has most of them back upright, only they are upside down.

Jan 7th - I went to my scrapbooking night and saw "Aunt" Casey. She sent Taft his Christmas presents. He got these great stacking blocks. He loves them and so do I.

Casey also send him an ornament for his tree. It's a pink pig on a snowboard. Very cute!
Cold weather=homemade soup.
We ate a lot of homemade tomato, vege, and chili.
Jan 24th - We went to Emma Lou's 6th birthday party. It was at our favorite park and Taft loved being able to run around with other kids. Of course he didn't want to get out of the swing once he got going. Emma got a lot of great gifts and the cupcakes Shelly made were very yummy!

And that is what was going on last month. I guess I need to do a little better for the rest of the year.

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