December Daily - Day 21 - 23

Day 21 - We were up at 3 am. I planned on sleeping until 4 but Taft was up at 3 so we just stayed up. Somehow we were still a little late getting to the airport in Jacksonville and didn't get the picture that I wanted of Taft and I at the airport waiting to fly away. So I plan on using the picture of a Southwest plane like the one that we were on and then just listing facts from the day. Mawmaw and Pawpaw picked us up in Birmingham. Taft loved the flight. He thought that everything was fun. We went to the back of the plane and got a row of 3 seats all to ourselves. After take off, he was able to be in his own seat and liked to play with the seat belt. I guess that I was nervous about nothing.
After they picked us up, we went to breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Then we went to the Oxford Wal*Mart and picked up a few Taft supplies that I didn't bring with me and a birthday cake for Harleigh. She was able to come to Mom and Dad's for her birthday and spent the night.

Day 22 - On Tuesday we got up and ready to go see Mawmaw in the nursing home. Kristi, Mallory, Taft, and I took her some lunch and were able to visit for a little while before the children needed to eat and take naps. When we left the nursing home we went to Dollar General and picked up a few things for Mawmaw. We got her crackers, chocolate covered cherries, and random goodies that we think she will enjoy. Then we went to eat at Papa's Pizza and did a drug store run for Mother before starting home.

Day 23 - We got up knowing that we would go to see Santa. I can't believe that I waited that long to take Taft. I think that I was avoiding it. I knew that this would be the year that he would cry. Kristi, Mallory, Travis, Taft, and I headed to the Quintard Mall in Oxford, AL. There was a line and Taft was not happy. He did OK. Only a little screaming. Hopefully next year will be better. Then off to Target and to pick up a sandwich for Mawmaw and take it to the nursing home.

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