17 Months Old

Taft turned 17 months old this week. He is doing great. He is walking and running everywhere. He is trying to talk more but still no words that we can understand. He does say "momma" if he gets upset and can't see me. "Hey" is still a very big thing for him and "no". Of course no is used for no and yes. He loves Yo Gabba Gabba and when he sees it coming on he says "gabbba gabbbada". When I whisper something to him he does his babbling in a whisper tone also. Very cute!
He is eating well and growing. He is wearing a size 4 diaper, size 24 month shirts, and 12-18 pants depending on where they come from. He has not started to climb yet. He will climb down from somewhere if you put him there but he doesn't climb up yet. And that's OK.
He LOVES to be outside. He loves to swing and just run. Thank goodness that we live on a very quite street because he loves to run down the driveway and right into the street. We have a group of big boys that play ball in the street and he head rights to them. They just laugh at him.
He loves that he can walk backwards now and we clap for him every time that he does it. Of course, he claps for himself too. He has started to run and hide behind things when he hears me coming. It's pretty funny that he thinks that he can out run me. He has also started to try to do a flip. He only makes it half way. He still loves his tricycle. His legs aren't quite long enough yet but he sits on it to watch tv.
I hope to get some new photos of him this week to put up. Maybe the weather will be good this weekend to go outside somewhere nice for photos.

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