What's going on in May....

I have to admit that I have been too busy to remember to blog. Taft and I have had a few things going on and when he goes to bed at night I have been working on a few projects that need to get done.
We have been busier in our Mommy and Me and we are still walking each day with out neighbor and her little girl. We have had to change the walking schedule to evenings since it is already very hot mid morning for the kids to be out.
We have also had the UPS man here a lot with fun boxes of plates, napkins, decorations, and treats for Taft's two birthday parties. Of course I choose two different themes to increase the fun for me.
This would be a photo of what is currently our breakfast table. It has been turned into scrapbook central. I am determined to finish Taft's one year scrapbooks before his birthday. It is also the reason that we are planning on adding a scrapbook/craft room to the house in July.
Taft loves to stand and is cruising around the furniture and the play yard with ease. He loves to just stand there and watch tv or whatever is going on at the moment. He is getting very good at taking things off the coffee table and changing the channel on the tv or just turning it on and off. I think that he likes the noise that it makes. He is also dancing to some music and standing alone at times. He hasn't made his first solo steps.
He pays attention to everything and as soon as he hears the garage door open he gets as close to the edge of the room as possible and starts to repeat "da da". He knows who is about to come in that door.
He is also saying "hey" and "mama" at times. He also knows the meaning of "no" and doesn't like it at all.
He has also widen his food choices. He is still loving the meat sticks and ravioli. He is also liking bread, dumplings, peas and carrots, diced peaches, iced oatmeal cookies, vanilla cookies, ice cream, watermelon, cantaloupe, and today he had french toast at Cracker Barrel. His new favorite juice is the BeechNut Chiquita Banana juice with yogurt. When he wakes up the middle of the night with teething he doesn't always take a Similac bottle but he will take the banana juice.
We spent most of Mother's Day here at home. Shane went to Cracker Barrel and picked up breakfast. We swam and he watched Taft while I got some scrapbooking done. Later we went out to dinner and did a little shopping. It was a great day here at home.
I plan to do a little better this month with the blogging. I did finally get my new camera lens and the more pictures that I take, the more I remember to blog them.


  1. Glad to see an update! :o) Taft is getting so big. I cannot wait to meet him this summer. I really hope it works out! Love you!


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