Lunch with the pets

Taft loves to eat these days and one of his favorite things is the little meat sticks from Gerber. He loves every flavor and can eat 4 or 5 at a meal in addition to his other foods. He really likes to have one in each hand. I noticed yesterday that he likes to peel them first. I'm not sure why since he goes back and eats the peeling anyway.
His highchair is almost always at the kitchen island. The cats like to sit there and watch him eat hoping that he will hand them something. Shelby also likes to sit under the chair and eat anything that is dropped. I guess I should be thankful for Shelby. She does the meal cleanup. I knew that she was good for something. =)
Taft trying to offer Sallie a snack.

Sallie checking the tray for any leftovers.

Poor Shelby waiting on food to hit the floor.


  1. Yes...you should absolutely be thankful for Shelby-dog! Now that Charley is staying with the in-laws, I have to do all floor clean ups all by my lonesome...and I don't clean up by eating it off the floor! lol.


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