You showed bravery & courage..

Mommy had to give in today and get Taft a haircut. When he was inside playing and crawling, he would look up and have hair all in his eyes. He has been wearing a baseball cap for a little while to keep it out of his eyes outside. So - we went to SmartStyle in our local Wal*Mart and got it done. He was happy and sat in the chair alone for the entire cut. He only got upset when the clippers came out at the end. He likes them when she let him play with them but not when they were being used on him.
We made sure to get a nice clip of hair for his book and the nice lady gave him a little card that says, "You showed bravery & courage during your very first Haircut".

Being a big boy
We're still having fun
After the clippers were finished
Trying to be brave before we left


  1. Kyetra, he is so adorable in these pictures. He is such a doll.

  2. LOL! The pictures are wonderful! I love it!

    Little Taft needed a hair cutt in deed...

    Matterson has had a total of 4 hair cutts, and he is in need of another. I am going to have to get his cutt at least once a month. He takes after his daddy. It must run in the family!

    Talk to you later.


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