9 month photos - Finally

I finally got to Portrait Innovations for Taft's 9 month photos. I can't say enough how much I love this place and how great they are with kids. Taft always does well there and they come up with great ideas.
When I took him in for his 3 month photos she told me that when he was able to sit up on his own to bring him some golf props. Shane bought Taft a little golf outfit at Bay Hill when Taft was just a few months old. He has grown into it and I thought it would be a great first time to wear it. I took Shane's hat and Pop's golf club (he was only able to play with it once before getting sick and passing away). I wanted it to be a surprise for Shane. I did have to ask for golf balls this morning but I don't think that he completely figured it out. He is not home yet so he hasn't seen what I was up to.
These are the ones that we bought. She took 80 and it was hard to narrow it down.


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