McCary Grandchildren

On New Year's Eve we decided to try to get a photo of all the McCary grandchildren together. If any of you have ever tried to get 5 children all under the age of 9 to behave and smile at the same time, then you will understand this photo. It was windy outside so the hair is all over the place and it was pretty cool. Mallory was not in the mood for group photography and Taft didn't last very long either. We do seem to have one child that enjoys "modeling" at the moment. Harleigh wanted to get her picture taken as long as she could have a few with her daddy. Finally, we were able to get good Harleigh and Mallory photos and the one of the boys is great too. Maybe as they get older we can get them all to look at the camera at least.

Harleigh (age 3)

Harleigh and Patrick

Mallory (age 18 months)
Travis (age 6), Taft, and Gaven (age 8)


  1. So cute! Harleigh looks a little like you with blond hair. :o) Let's see...get Photoshop going and just put all the good pictures together in one little photo. :o) heehee.


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