Quincy Arrives From the North Pole

Taft heard rumors that little elves could come visit you during December. He watched a video of his friend, Hallie, and her elf, Whitney. He was very excited! His daddy told him that he had written to Santa to ask for a elf to visit him but his elf was still not here. To our surprise, Mawmaw and Pawpaw said that a little elf named Quincy came to their house looking for Taft. He had gotten lost and had the wrong address. I guess that he is a little of a misfit elf! Since they were driving to our house they told Quincy that he could catch a ride with them. Finally, Quincy got here on Saturday. He wasn't able to bring Taft gifts this year since he was so late in getting here but he is getting to know him before he goes back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. Next year Daddy is going to send him a ticket to the correct address so that he can stay the entire month.


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