Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve, we decided to have a few friends and their families over for dinner. I started cooking and on Monday and we got everything finished just in time. Friends brought dishes over also and we had tons of great food. The only little problem was that the stores were out of red food coloring for the Red Velvet Cake so we had a green one. Nobody seemed to mind!
We want to thank Dawn, Marsha, John, Cheyenne, Andrew, Travis, Anna, Sherri, John, Peyton, Shelly, Wes, Jordan, Felipe, Emma, Dean, Lauren, Brian, Stacy, Amber, Denny, Sam, Olivia, Angel, Isabel, Richie, Chad, Colton, and Grandma Mary, for coming over to celebrate Taft's first Christmas with us. Also a big thanks to Dawn and Marsha for all the clean up afterwards while I got Taft ready for bed.
After everyone was gone, Shane and I read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas to Taft and watched Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Then it was off to bed to wait on Santa.


  1. Such a great idea to have friends over on such a special day! We hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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